It finally happened!

I got my foot in the door of OB nursing finally!

It took me six months to get my first job out of nursing school when I was living in Colorado. So I started out working in a prison for 6 months, we then moved to Texas and I worked on a Med/Surg unit for 9 months. I now live in Missouri and have worked in critical care for 6 months and I just introduced myself to the Director of Women’s Services.

I had an interview for a L&D position at the hospital I work at and I felt defeated because the manager wouldn’t give me a chance and wanted me to have Mom&Baby experience first. I must have mad a good impression though because no more than a week or two later she reached out to me for a Mom & Baby full time night position. She told me the job was mine if I wanted it and I accepted, I start Feb 23!

You don’t know how long I have been waiting for this moment, to be apart of this speciality! I’ve been a member of AWHONN for over 3 years now and attended two conferences, I have my ACLS, NRP, and even took the Beginning to FHM course from AWHONN. And….I even have a interview for a L&D position at a different hospital next week!

All I have to say is don’t give up hope, and to work you ass off to get what you want!
Now I have to pull out all my old OB nursing resources I have collected over the years, does anyone have any recommendations on what to do to prepare for my new position?

So, don’t know what to buy that nurse?

I bought myself this awesome lunch cooler from and I think it’s an awesome gift for any nurse or medical professional especially if they have a crude sense of humor like me!

Another thing I have been meaning to buy myself is this awesome spork below.  I think it complements the lunch cooler well. :)

I just love, and here are a few other gifts that I wouldn’t mind having and this place is great to get gifts for any geek!


So much change…

So much change has happened in the last few months. We moved out of state and I resigned from my prison job in July. I have gotten so many interviews and job offers, but I pick a hospital that is close to home and I’ll do an 8 week internship and upon completion of that I will have a full-time job in a Medical-Sugical unit. I can’t wait to start! I am ecstatic and I will be updating this much more often because I will actually want to!